About Richard


Richard Julio is a nationally published photographer. Based in Las Vegas, his work has been featured in several publications including Health, Muscle Media, and BLVDS. In addition to print publications, Richard has worked with top companies in various fields such as Dior, Hearts on Fire, Visions EXPO, MedMen, Mannomedia and Blackboard.


He specializes in creative portraits and dance photography and is passionate about creating unique photographs that represent the true character and beauty of his clients. Richard does this by blending professional lighting techniques with clean composition resulting in an elegantly crafted image.

About Our Services

During each photo shoot, Richard takes time to make sure you receive unrivaled customer service from the time of your first consultation all the way through to when you receive your finished products. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to find answers to commonly asked questions about portrait sessions, event photography, how images are edited and the turn around time until you receive your final image products. When contacting us you can expect to get a more in-depth break down of what is included in your package.